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Skilled readers don't just read, they interact with the text.So let's make story comprehension fun at home with our After Reading Spinner!

Simply download, print and get your kids to spin a pencil in the middle of the spinner and see which question it points to when it stops. They then answer the question in relation to the book, helping to reinforce story comprehension.

Parenting Tips

Don't forget that support and compliments from you will encourage your child to build a love of books and reading. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your child gets the most out of reading with you.


When an error is made WAIT to give your child a chance to work on it independently. When you are certain they are going to keep going, stop them saying something like, “Try that again”, or “Make it match”.

Suggested compliments:

  • You used the first letter and checked the picture!
  • You tried more than one strategy on your own!
  • Nice job trying a different vowel sound!
  • Super work making your eyes go through the beginning, middle and end of that word!
  • Lovely job sticking with it to work on solving!


Ask questions that invite recall and thinking, such as, “Why do you think… happened?” or “What do you think… means?” Urge re-reading to build comprehension as needed.

Suggested compliments:

  • You are self-monitoring and working on it when it does not make sense!
  • Your expression is showing that you understand what you’re reading.
  • Wonderful job stopping to think about the text instead of reading to just get to the next page!
  • You remember the details beautifully!


Model expressive reading and have your child echo read. Encourage just-right pacing (not too fast, not too slow). Demonstrate how to attend the punctuation (pausing at the end of the sentences, adding expression based on the punctuation mark).

Suggested compliments:

  • You sounded just like the character would sound!
  • I could hear you take a break after the punctuation marks!
  • You are reading in phrases, not word-by-word!
  • Your Speed is just right! Not too fast or too slow!

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